Plasiax Diamond

Hard to resist. For a superior surface and enhanced resistance to abrasion, it can only be Plasiax™ Diamond

Plasiax Diamond at a glance...

  • Superior strength with an enhanced resistance to abrasion
  • Double sided hard coating
  • Maintains clarity in the harshest environment
  • Available in 7 sheet gauges from 3mm – 12mm
  • Ideal for applications that require abrasion, stain and solvent resistance
  • 10 year limited breakages warranty
  • Fully recyclable
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Plasiax Diamond Overview Plasiax Diamond Key Advantages
Plasiax™ Diamond

is a clear UV protected flat solid polycarbonate sheet offering superior strength along with an enhanced resistance to abrasion with the application of a double sided hard coating. This sheet provides a very high level of light transmission, has a high specification conforming to security and safety glazing regulations and being available in gauges 3mm – 12mm, gives extensive scope for application. The hard coating provides protection against abrasion, graffiti abuse and UV issues necessary in applications such as retail displays, table tops, door vision panels, and other areas that are exposed to abuse and harsh environments.

Selection of applications
  • Bus shelters
  • Riot shields
  • Machine guards
  • Safety glazing
  • Protective visors/screens
  • Train windows
  • Prison vision panels
  • Protection of display from graffiti
  • Balustrades
  • Roof glazing
  • Anti-vandal glazing
  • Sound barriers
  • Sports barriers
2 sided abrasion resistant coating

Being resistant to marks, scratching and hazing, this sheet maintains its clarity and is far more resilient to surface abuse than standard grade polycarbonate sheet.

Chemical protection

PLASIAX™ DIAMOND provides an ‘easy clean’ solution for surfaces mistreated with graffiti, marker pen and other substances and is also resilient to a wide range of cleaning materials that are not applicable to standard grade sheet.

Strength and Impact Resistant

As an example, PLASIAX™ DIAMOND has 250 times the impact resistance of glass and is therefore a much superior product in terms of security. It is also backed by a 10 year limited breakages warranty.

Light Weight

Polycarbonate is less than half the weight of glass (SG 1.2) saving cost of transportation, time of installation and reduced loadings on glazing framework and structures.

Weather and UV Resistant

This product comes with a 5 year limited warranty against UV discolouration and yellowing due to the hard coating enhancing its weatherability.

Heat resistance and flammability

PLASIAX™ DIAMOND has excellent temperature stability with no loss of property from -40ºC to 130ºC making it secure for most locations around the globe. It complies with BS476 part 7 with a class 1Y rating and has the classification of a self-extinguishing product.


Polycarbonate is an entirely recyclable material.


As with all polycarbonate sheet the product is easy and safe to fabricate using a variety of simple processes.

Very high impact strength, Graffiti resistance, Excellent all weather performance, High abrasion resistance