Plasiax™ Wire Sheet & Bars


Plasiax™ Wire is a solid polycarbonate sheet with the imitation grid pattern of Georgian Wire Glass chemically etched onto the flat sheet surface. The product is less than half the weight of glass of the same size and being virtually unbreakable is an incomparable alternative.

‘CLEAR’ is flat/smooth on both sides and ‘OBSCURE’ has one side with the stippolyte pattern and the smooth side has the grid pattern on.

6mm Plasiax™ Wire CLEAR 2440mm x 1220mm
6mm Plasiax™ Wire OBSCURE 2440mm x 1220mm
6mm Plasiax™ Wire OBSCURE 3050mm x 1220mm
6mm Plasiax™ Wire OBSCURE 4050mm x 1220mm

Bars – Capping

Plasiax™ Wire-cap concealed glazing capping bars are a unique, user friendly roof capping system manufactured in high tensile hardened aluminium to BS1474.

Comes complete with RAG45 Gasket, DGBS Gasket, 1 x end cap and screws

  • Concealed Fixings for high quality finish Ideal for capping single glazed polycarbonate structures
  • Adjoining panels on the same plane or pitch to 5 degrees up or down
  • Please enquire for other fittings and fixtures
Plasiax™ Wire-cap 50mm 2.4m white
Plasiax™ Wire-cap 50mm 3m white
Plasiax™ Wire-cap 50mm 4.8m white
Plasiax™ Wire-cap 50mm 6m white
Plasiax™ Wire-cap 70mm 2.4m white
Plasiax™ Wire-cap 70mm 3m white
Plasiax™ Wire-cap 70mm 4.8m white
Plasiax™ Wire-cap 70mm 6m white

Bars – Self Support

Plasiax™ Wire-support bars are self-supporting glazing bars available up to 6m in length. Please enquire for other fitting and fixtures.

Plasiax™ Wire-support 3m white
Plasiax™ Wire-support 6m white