Plasiax Endure

Clearly the strongest choice. With over 200 times the impact resistance of glass choose Plasiax™ ENDURE

Plasiax Endure at a glance...

  • Legendary strength 200 times greater than glass, it’s virtually unbreakable
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Lightweight, less than half the weight of glass
  • Enhanced protection against the effects of weathering and UV radiation
  • Easy to handle, install and clean high natural light transmission
  • Thermally insulating
  • Easy to thermoform, cold curve and router
  • Fire resistant
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Plasiax Endure Overview Plasiax Endure Key Advantages

is a clear polycarbonate sheet, co-extruded with a UV coating on both surfaces in order to provide excellent resistance to colour and surface degradation. This material exhibits over 200 times more impact resistance than glass while being less than half the weight. Endure is the chosen material for fabrication and thermoforming, creating a product suitable for specialist applications. Safety and security glazing is the best-suited application for these sheets where visual clarity with extra strength is required. The polycarbonate sheet thickness varies from 1-15mm and can be enhanced by different options of tint and opacity, giving vast scope for use.

Available at TBS Polycarbonates.

  • Vertical Glazing
  • Protective Screens
  • Machine Guards
  • Bus Shelters
  • Curved Rooflights
  • Canopies
  • Covered walkways
  • Secondary glazing
  • Signage
  • Poster Covers
  • Skylights
  • Barrel vaults
  • Domes
  • Conservatories
  • Windows and doors

PLASIAX™ ENDURE has over 200 times the impact resistance of glass and is therefore a much superior product in terms of security and handling. The product complies with the following glazing regulations;

Safety glazing – EN12600:2002

Balcony glazing – EN12600:2002

Security glazing – EN 356:2000


The smooth surface PLASIAX™ ENDURE has optical transparency making it ideal for vision panels or clear roof glazing.


Polycarbonate is less than half the weight of glass (SG 1.2) saving cost of transportation, time of installation, and reduced loadings on glazing framework and structures.


PLASIAX™ ENDURE comes with a ten year limited warranty against UV discolouration and loss of impact so throughout this long lifespan you can be assured with product performance.


PLASIAX™ ENDURE has excellent temperature stability with no loss of property from -40˚C to 130˚C making it secure for most locations around the globe. It complies with BS476 part 7 with a class 1Y rating and European standard EN13501-1 with a B – s2, d0 rating along with the ‘self-extinguishing’ product classification.


Polycarbonate is an entirely recyclable material.


As with all polycarbonate sheet the product is easy and safe to fabricate using a variety of simple processes.

Legendary strength 200 times greater than glass, it’s virtually unbreakable!