Plasiax Wire

The glass alternative. Retain your visual heritage using the innovative safe and secure Plasiax™ WIRE

Plasiax Wire at a glance...

  • Indistinguishable difference in appearance to Georgian Wired Glass
  • Half the weight of glass and virtually unbreakable
  • More efficient and safer to install than glass
  • 6mm thickness and options of clear or obscure finish
  • Can be used in a wide variety of glazing and visual design applications
  • Up to 6m in length produced to order if required
  • Replacement for heritage and traditional glazing
  • Specific glazing systems available
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Plasiax Wire Overview Plasiax Wire Key Advantages
Plasiax™ WIRE

is a solid polycarbonate sheet with the main purpose of providing a safe alternative to Georgian Wire Glass. Being half the weight of glass and virtually unbreakable it is a product that is far easier and safer to work with, yet retaining the Georgian Wire image with the innovative grid etched into the sheet surface. The 6mm thickness and optional clear or obscure finish creates a straight replacement to most Georgian Wire Glass glazing. Working with glass along with its associated risks and the complications of access or ‘working at height’ can all be reduced by the use of Plasiax™ Wire.


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Selection of applications
  • Roof glazing
  • Balustrade panels
  • Shop units/shelving
  • Overhead safety glazing
  • Heritage and listed building glazing
  • Public transport
  • Canopy and walkway glazing
  • Door vision panels
  • Partitions
  • North light glazing
  • Windows
  • Roof lights
  • Skylights
Strength and impact resistant

PLASIAX™ WIRE has 250 times the impact resistance of glass and is therefore a much superior product in terms of security and handling. The product complies with the following glazing regulations;

  • Safety glazing – EN12600:2002
  • Balcony glazing – EN12600:2002
  • Security glazing – EN 356:2000
“Water clear” transparency

The smooth surface PLASIAX™ WIRE has optical transparency making it ideal for vision panels or clear roof glazing, the obscure version is a very close visual match to the Pilkington Stippolyte pattern.

Light weight

Polycarbonate is less than half the weight of glass (SG 1.2) saving cost of transportation, time of installation, and reduced loadings on glazing framework and structures.


PLASIAX™ WIRE comes with a ten year limited warranty against UV discolouration and loss of impact so throughout this long lifespan you can be assured with product performance.

Heat resistance and flammability

PLASIAX™ WIRE has excellent temperature stability with no loss of property from -40˚C to 130˚C making it secure for most locations around the globe. It complies with BS476 part 7 with a class 1Y rating and European standard EN13501-1 with a B – s2, d0 rating along with the ‘self-extinguishing’ product classification.


Polycarbonate is an entirely recyclable material.


As with all polycarbonate sheet the product is easy and safe to fabricate using a variety of simple processes.

New innovative product, Virtually unbreakable, Very safe to use, Easy to fabricate and handle on site, Class 1y fire rating, Lightweight