Glass vs Plastic – Plasiax Wire



There is always a popular question asked on the subject of plastic sheet; What is the difference between glass and plastic?

In this instance we are comparing Georgian wired glass to the new innovative Plasiax Wire, which is Georgian wire polycarbonate. Below is a comparison table with the main differences laid out;

Georgian Wire Glass Plasiax Georgian Wire Polycarbonate
Smashed, cracked or fractured easily, with very sharp pieces of glass coming off the product. Plasiax GWP has 250 times the impact strength of glass, making it virtually unbreakable.
Glass is a heavy product, therefore making transportation and handling difficult. E.g. a 1m diameter circle of 6mm GWG would weigh 11.78kg There is a much lesser load on structural framework using this product as it is less than half the weight of glass. It also means transport and installation are much more efficient. E.g. a 1m diameter circle of 6mm GWP would weigh 5.69kg – that’s a big difference!
Specialist tools have to be used to cut glass and it can also very easily cut workers handling the product. Cutting, drilling and edging are all very easily achieved with Plasiax wire. No special tools needed.
If this product is recycled it had to be put through a separation process first to take out the wire grid from in the glass. Entirely recyclable
Flat application only Polycarbonate can be cold formed